Young Adolescents Sensitized on HIV in Kayole’s Soweto in Nairobi’s Informal Settlement

Forty two young adolescents and youth aged 9 and 20 years from Bethsaida children Centre and Imani Children Home were mentored on peer influence, making responsible choices and HIV and AIDS in a one day workshop in Kayole Soweto.  John Fisher, the Deputy Principal of St. Aloysius Gonzaga facilitated main topics of discussions which were derived from AJAN HIV and AIDS Prevention Programme for the Youth (AHAPPY). Other general topics of discussions included living a danger free life, stigma & discrimination.

Watching informative movies, questions and answers sessions, group and individual counseling sessions were methods used to engage participants. Apostle Juma David, a youth counselor from Congo was particularly helpful in counseling. Present in the one day event were also Directors of  Tagair Youth Peace Organization and representatives from  Bethsaida Children Centre and Imani Children’s Home in Kayole.

Tagair Youth Peace Organization mentors young adolescents and youth around Kayole. Kayole is an urban informal settlement which struggles with high poverty rates. During the training, there was evident lack of proper training facilities despite participants’ thirsty for practical knowledge and lifesaving skills. Low self-esteem, stigma and discrimination were some of the other challenges observed during the one day training.