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  • Matero, Zambia (Darrin Zammit Lupi)

Latest News

  • What do I stand for?

    1 May 2015 - “AHAPPY is trying to shape us into people who love God, our neighbours and ourselves.” Eric is enthusiastic as he talks about the AJAN HIV and AIDS Prevention Program for Youth. His thin hands gesticulate expressively... Read more

  • Rwanda: Rediscovering the zest for life

    1 May 2015 - The young woman approached Suzanne tentatively. “I want to ask you something,” she said shyly. “I have no family, will you be my aunt please?” Suzanne had first seen Chantal* the day before, when she met a group of widows. Chantal’s life was destroyed during the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994... Read more


  • Zambia: The path of life

    Darrin Zammit Lupi is a photojournalist from Malta who generously volunteers to photograph AJAN projects across Africa. Darrin takes photos for Reuters, which has published this blog about a recent visit to the home-based care project of Chikuni Parish in southern Zambia. Read more...

  • Renewing our commitment to “a faith that does justice”

    6 March - AIDS is first and foremost an urgent challenge to social justice rather than a merely medical problem... Read more


  • AJAN: Creating safe spaces for people with HIV

    6 March 2015 - The Jesuit parish of St Joseph the Worker in Kangemi, on the outskirts of Nairobi, runs the Uzima program for people living with HIV. Uzima has 45 men and 67 women in support groups... Read more

About AJAN

Jesuits across sub-Saharan Africa reach out daily to people affected by AIDS and seek to prevent the spread of HIV. The African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN) coordinates their efforts, inspired by the vision: Empowered individuals, families, and communities working towards an HIV and AIDS free society and fullness of life (cfr John 10:10)